21 August, 2014

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Tom Rob Smith

Tom Rob Smith grew up in London, UK. His parents owned an antiques shop and his family of five lived in a house above the shop. From his parents' experience, he learned early on that "being self-employed, carving out a reputation and finding your fight" was not going to be easy. At twelve, he wrote his first 'book' by handwriting the story into a hardback notebook. At sixteen, the encouragement of his drama teacher to start writing plays was a landmark moment. At university he was able to stage some more plays and his college at Cambridge gave him a scholarship to write for a year after graduating. Later, the television company Talkback Thames hired him as an assistant storyliner. When his contract was not renewed, he was forced to become a professional writer. During his first year as a freelancer, he managed to finish Child 44. The book, published by Hachette Book Group in 2008, was an international success. It received 17 nominations for various awards and won 7 of them. His sequel, The Secret Speech, published in 2009, was acclaimed to similar levels.

Praise for Child 44:

From The New York Times: "... This book is much too densely, ingeniously plotted for its secrets to be accessible via shortcut..." To read the whole review, click here.

From the Guardian:"... I can think of few novels that have touched so eloquently on the complex moral climate of life in the Soviet Union..." To read the whole review, click here.