01 September, 2014

How to stop worrying and start living
Title:      How to stop worrying and start living cover
Author(s):      Dale Carnegie
ISBN-10(13):      978-99956-58-51-9
Translator:      Pranvera Xhelo
Publication date:      11-2010
Edition:      First
Language:      Albanian
Price:      650 Lekë

Proven by time, Dale Carnegie techniques have helped millions of people to embrace new attitudes that lead to safety and happiness. All this, by teaching them how to escape from the mania to worry in vain:

- Leave the past and future out the iron doors. Live in “one day wagons”.

- See the beautiful side of life.

- Analyze the story / read the figures: According to the median law, what are the chances that the event that troubles you ever happens?

- Count the good / positive side – not the worries.

- Forget yourself for a moment and be interested in others. Make a good deed every day in order to bring a smile of joy on someone's face.

The inspiring and practical teachings of Dale Carnegie sound as contemporary today as when they were written. Now, you can join the millions of ordinary people and celebrities who have learned how not to worry. Finally, the book that has sold over 6 million copies in the world comes to the Albanian market.