02 September, 2014

Light blue arrow
Title:      Light blue arrow cover
Author(s):      Gianni Rodari
ISBN-10(13):      978-9928-124-02-9
Translator:      Hasan S. Bregu
Publication date:      2011
Edition:      First
Language:      Albanian
Price:      600 Lekë

In this book, through a clean and sincere prose, you will find out how friendship guides the characters to the discovery of their own integrity and to the establishment of justice, transforming these toys into beings full of life.

The toys, exposed in the window of the store of Befana, the old lady managing the Epiphany, make a decision: they will go to find Francesco, the poor boy that visits them every day, without being able to buy any of them. During they trip to find their little friend, riding within the Light Blue Arrow, the toy train, the toys realize that there are so many poor children in the world, and they were all waiting to be happy. The conclusion is very simple: every child has the right to play, be helped and be happy.

Through a simple and rhythmic prose, Rodari gives his most important contribution in the education of children with the principles of peace and justice. He does so by creating well-chosen characters and situations: the old Befana, who thought of herself to be an aristocratic, the Halfbeard captain, the Silverfeather and cowboys, the General and his soldiers, etc. The author gives an important message to the reader through the way the toys distribute themselves: every child receives not what he wants, but what he really needs.

The illustrations of Nicoletta Costa, very sweet and easily imitable by children, make this book even more attractive.